How to Give

You can contribute to locally to many of the great charities of the Valley of Pittsburgh, including:
  • Children’s Dyslexia Center
  • Hospitallers Fund
  • Valley of Pittsburgh Bequest and Memorials
The Valley of Pittsburgh
Greater Pittsburgh Masonic Center
3579 Masonic Way
Pittsburgh, PA  15237-2700
1-877-726-8748 Toll Free


Click here to view the national website

You can contribute to many of the great charities of the Scottish Rite, including:
  • Blue Envelope Appeal
  • Children’s Dyslexia Center
  • National Heritage Museum
  • Leon M. Abbott Scholarships
  • Scottish Rote Almoners Fund

All contributions are tax-deductible in accordance with the Federal Internal Revenue Code. For information on how to contribute to any of these charities, contact:

The Supreme Council
33 Marrett Road
P.O. Box 519
Lexington, MA 02420
781-674-2102 Fax

It has never been easier to support our charities through our online donation site. Click here and follow the simple instructions.