September 2017 Edition

September 01 2017


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A message from the Chairman of the Valley of Pittsburgh Hospitaler Committe
 So, what does the Vlley of Pittsburgh Hospitaler do?
By Vito A. Urso, 33°


This is a question that many members of the Valley ask me after I give my report at our meetings.


The quick answer is that my staff (I could never do it without them) and I stay very busy learning of and meeting the needs of our members. What does that mean? Here is just a partial list of the things we have done over the last several months:

• Mailed cards to members and families: 7 birthday cards to members over 100 years old; 30 Get Well cards, 6 sympathy cards

• Three funeral visitations

• Loaned three wheelchairs

• Loaned two hospital beds

• Remitted the dues of twenty Brothers for illness or financial need

• Took 30 boxes of candy or cookies to shut-in and hospitalized members

• Installed five chair rails in homes at a cost of $6,000

• Gave financial assistance to five worthy Brothers in need


These things could only be accomplished with the help of a dedicated staff, and the generous contributions of you, our members. Your contributions, no matter how big or small, to the Hospitaler’s Fund are greatly appreciated. They make a difference in the lives of our members.


If you know of anyone in need, or if you would like to get involved with the Hospitaler’s staff, please contact the Valley Office at 412-939-3579.


Associate Hospitaler

Rev. Harold L. Knappenberger, 33°


Hospitaler Staff

Charles J. Anthony

Jeff A. Biddle, 33?

Charles M. Bombich, 33?

William B. Finlay, III

James B. Flaherty

James R. Flanigan, 33?

John W. Hisiro, 33°

James McMahon

Thomas W. Murray

John H. Piper, 33?

Harry Readshaw, III, 33?

Robert Ruff

Michael E. Schomburger

John P. Turkovsky, 33?

Larry G. Wiltrout


Thank you for your generous support!