March 2017 Edition

March 14 2017



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A Message from Thomas K. Sturgeon, 33°, Deputy for Pennsylvania


I continue to be pleased to serve as your Resident Active and also to serve all of Pennsylvania Scottish Rite Masonry.

In 2016 we had a very successful One Day Journey where we welcomed over 1500 new Scottish Rite Masons into our various Valleys. Much of this was possible due to the Grand Master having a One Day Masonic Journey and that we were invited, by him, to participate.

The great Valley of Pittsburgh led the way that day – bringing over 300 into our Valley. All of our membership, especially the officers, are to be congratulated for their effort.

What we have created in the Valley of Pittsburgh in the past several years is heartwarming for us, the old guard, or the veterans.

I attend meetings and events throughout Pennsylvania and I assure you that no Valley is more progressive or doing as many good things for the Craft as we are in Pittsburgh.

When I travel around the state, or to Supreme Council offices for meetings, I stand tall with pride as a member of this great Valley.

Last year, in 2016, Pennsylvania initiated over 50% of the new Scottish Rite members in the entire Northern Jurisdiction. Add the numbers from the other 14 states and we got more new members than all of them put together. Next year we will have a new Sovereign Grand Commander as Ill. Brother McNaughton retires after eleven years of service.

The new Commander is Ill. David Glattly from New Jersey. Brother Glattly is a friend of Pennsylvania and a special friend of mine. This relationship will be good for Pennsylvania.

To each of you, I wish you a great New Year. Take time to enjoy this wonderful Fraternity and at the same time love your family and love your God.

If you take time for those things you will find that your life is good. Or, as Constans says in the 32nd Degree – “MY HOPE IS IN GOD”