June 2016 Edition

May 18 2016



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by Thomas K. Sturgeon, 33°, Deputy for Pennsylvania


Consider this a Valley wide call to duty to all members who appreciate this wonderful Fraternity of Freemasonry and especially to the 32nd degree Scottish Rite masons. We all need to be very concerned about the steady decline in our membership numbers.
Decline in numbers reflect directly with our Fraternity’s financial stability. Our greatest appreciation is the relationship we have with our brothers and that indescribable bond of brotherhood that exists from one brother to another.
The future of the Fraternity is the responsibility of each of us and we now have a great opportunity to do our duty, by evaluating those men whom we know who are not members, and inviting them to become members.
On October 29, 2016 the Grand Master has declared a ONE DAY MASONIC JOURNEY where a man can receive all Symbolic Lodge degrees in one day, also join the Scottish Rite and receive his 32nd degree, and join the Shrine. All Master Masons, the men who will join in this great event, and those Master Masons who have previously been Master Masons, can join the Scottish Rite for FREE, no cost! This elimination of the entrance or initiation fee is only for this day!
The duty call is for each of us to find good men and welcome them to become Master Masons, Scottish Rite Masons, and Shriners. When is the last time you have done your duty to help rebuild, or at least maintain our membership numbers? The time is NOW!
Are you proud to be a Mason? Think about it and if the answer is that you are proud, then take this great opportunity to share that Fraternal feeling with other good men by inviting them to become a member. Again, I state, THE TIME IS NOW!
I thank each of you for the extreme privilege to serve as an Active Member and the Deputy for the Scottish Rite in Pennsylvania.
Let’s all go to work for this CALL TO DUTY!