Onlinel Edition - Febuary 2016

February 01 2016

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Let’s Talk About… Becoming a Master Mason

by Jeffrey M. Wonderling, 33°, Valley Membership Chairman


Brother Raymond T. Dietz, 33°, Right Worshipful Grand Master of Pennsylvania and Brother Thomas K. Sturgeon, 33°, Deputy for Pennsylvania, have joined forces in planning a rare One Day Masonic Opportunity whereby a man can become a Master Mason and a Scottish Rite Mason in one day.

The Grand Master is continuing the use of the “Selective Invitation Brochures” which you may give to a friend that you feel meets our membership criteria. Remember, the key word is “Selective”. Therefore, it is critical that we choose potential members wisely.

There are several innovative changes from the previous events. The Grand Master has instituted two programs to recognize your efforts to introduce someone to Freemasonry. The 1st line signer on a petition will receive a Masonic Necktie which he has designed. There are four different colors available so four petitions will get the 1st line signer all four colors.

There is also a membership incentive program whereby the 1st line signer on each petition will be credited 60 points toward merchandise found in the online catalog you will find at There are many quality items to choose from and the recipient may use the points as he receives them or accumulate them toward a larger purchase.

Born from immense respect and gratitude for our Veterans the Grand Master is reducing the Grand Lodge fees by $50 and the Lodge fees by $50, a total savings of $100. Any active or Honorably Discharged Military Personnel are eligible to take advantage of this wonderful benefit.

I have found that membership in the Masonic Fraternity has so many benefits. Life lessons are taught in the Degrees when you enter the organization. If you pay attention you will soon find a template to guide you in becoming a better man and a better Mason.

For me Masonry has always been about the relationships I have forged and fond memories of truly great men. You may find yourself sitting next to a carpenter, attorney, doctor, or student. Men and women with a myriad of life experiences that are shared during our time together – experiences that just may give you a different perspective on life that can’t help but broaden your intellect.

But, the most important benefit of all is the fraternal component of helping each other – which is the real reason for the organization. Not only do we help each other grow but we help each other in daily needs and wants. Need a product or service or a helping hand? There is a Brother ready to help if he can.

I have complete confidence that I could get help with anything that may arise in my life. I do business with a Brother to support him and his family. I do not expect a discount but am confident that a Brother will give me an honest, fair, and quality product or service. In return, I will indeed go out of my way to serve a Brother Master Mason because when I knelt at that altar 22 years ago I said I would.

By joining the Scottish Rite of Freemasonry, you greatly increase your fraternal circle. And, during this One Day Rare Opportunity of becoming a Master Mason, 3° and a Scottish Rite Mason, 32° in One Day is that the Scottish Rite degrees are FREE! The date is October 29, 2016 at Soldiers & Sailors Hall.

“Foot to Foot”