About Us


The Scottish Rite is a fraternal organization which extends the first three Masonic degrees from the 4º through the 32º. These degrees expand on Masonic teachings principally in the areas of morality, history and philosophy. In the Scottish Rite the degrees are dramatized generally twice a year during the spring and fall reunions.

The Scottish Rite Valley is composed of four coordinate bodies: a Lodge of Perfection, a Council of Princes of Jerusalem, a Chapter of Rose Croix and a Consistory. Each of these four Scottish Rite bodies is an independent organization with its own officers and each has absolute control over the degrees comprising its structure. The only higher authority is the Supreme Council.

Scottish Rite membership is open to all Masonic Blue Lodge members in good standing.

Scottish Rite meetings and many of the social events are held at the Greater Pittsburgh Masonic Center located north of the city of Pittsburgh in Ross Township.


Our Vision

“We will strive to be a fraternity that fulfills our Masonic obligation to care for our members.” 


Our Mission

• Provide Inspiration for our members through meaningful programs and degrees.

• Provide Convenient opportunities for our members to enhance their lives.

• Provide Enjoyable programs and fellowship activities for our members.


For more information contact:

The Valley of Pittsburgh
Greater Pittsburgh Masonic Center
3579 Masonic Way
Pittsburgh, PA  15237-2700



Dave Morgans